Personalize the Dining Experience

What keeps your guests coming back time and again? Perhaps it’s your daily specials, menu or location. Maybe they appreciate how your staff personalizes the dining experience and the way they make each guest feel like the valued individual they are. No matter what type of restaurant you run, grab your guests’attention with the following […]

eateria’s Marketing Manager Spent the Past Weekend #HackDining

June 27-29 our Marketing Manager, Kendra McClanahan, spent the weekend in New York at Food+Tech Connects HackDining hackathon. Below she shares her experience and the future of dining. This past weekend I spent two and a half days in New York City #HackDining…. what’s HackDining you ask? It’s Food+Tech Connect’s initiative to hack (create) a […]

Employee Spotlight: Meet eateria’s Social Media Manager – Lindsey Ninmer

We’re starting a new spotlight to give you insight into the experts behind the content and initiatives being created here at eateria. Each month, eateria’s Marketing Manger – Kendra McClanahan – will ‘interview’ different eateria employees so you can get to know these experts better. During the month of July, eateria’s Social Media Manager, Lindsey, will […]

Don’t let restaurant sales cool off this July: Marketing tips for the upcoming month

Some restaurants really struggle during the summer months. According to, “A restaurant may experience a slow season for a number of reasons, including holidays and seasonal changes, most commonly determined by its location. For example, the summer season is often slow for many New York City restaurants, as many residents spend a great deal of time […]

Build a Better Restaurant Website

So you’ve maximized your social media presence, optimized your keywords and followed our advice about how to drive traffic to your website. And it’s working! You’re getting the increase in clicks you want. However driving traffic to a website is only half the battle. Once you grab a customer’s attention, your website needs to work […]

Why Restaurant Owners Must Actively Market Their Business

When eateria first interacted with Tap House Grill in Suburban Chicago, Tap House provided its customers an incredible atmosphere and delicious food—a memorable food experience. However, Tap House was struggling to acquire new customers and increase repeat business. Most restaurant owners enter the restaurant business to do one thing—provide memorable food experiences to their customers. […]