How To Prepare Your Restaurant For Harsh Winters


We can’t change Mother Nature, but we can control how we run our restaurants in harsh weather. It seems that no matter where you are located this has been a pretty brutal winter. The good news is there are still ways to keep your business thriving. Here are 3 tips on helping your business survive the harsh winters.

1. Be Proactive.  It is important to stay in tune with the weather conditions so that you can prepare. Take care of staffing and ordering ahead of time so that you are prepared for the worse. Get ahead of the curve and think of all potential scenarios and make sure your restaurant is well equipped.

2. Make it worthwhile. Although the weather is awful, people still need to eat! Make it worthwhile for them. Offering free beverages, discounts, or even bounce back offers will make their haul worth it. Offer the discount and tell them about it using social media, email marketing, and or text messaging. What’s a great offer if no one knows about it?

3. Stay Calm. Customers can pick up on a tense environment. We understand as restaurant owners snowy days can be impactful on business. However, the last thing you want is for customers to come in on harsh weather days and feel uncomfortable. Be sure to maintain a fun friendly environment because those that bare the harsh conditions will for certain revisit on warm sunny days if the service is spectacular.

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  1. Good advice. Also, if it makes sense for your restaurant’s business model, you can call attention to take-out orders. When weather conditions are bad, diners may be more likely to stop by and pick up a ready-to-go meal to take home.

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